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Challenge: [ profile] darkangel_bb

Fic: Reflections on Bleeker Street
Author: [ profile] denyce
Pairing: Alec/Logan
Rating/Warnings: R. Crossdressing, Dom/sub undertones.
Word Count: 16k
Summary: An important rendezvous is jeopardized unless Alec and Logan can get inside a particular club that caters to a particular clientele.

My ramblings: HOORAY DARK ANGEL STUFF. I love this little fandom to pieces and I absolutely adore [ profile] denyce for keeping it going. SHE IS THE BEST. <3 And her fic is fun fun fun, so make sure to check it out!

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Title: Past Today
Fandom: Dark Angel
Author: [ profile] dollarformyname
Artist: [ profile] amberdreams
Beta: [ profile] 2blueshoes
Cheerleader: [ profile] chiiyo86
Characters: Alec, Ben
Rating: R
Warnings: "Off-screen" major character deaths, violence, other deaths of the OC variety.
Timeline: Takes place about five years after Freak Nation.
Words: ~28.5k
Summary: Terminal City was abandoned after an attack five years ago, survivors scattered to fend for themselves. Alec's been on his own for a while now, trying to forget what he lost, but then Ben shows up to make him remember in all the wrong ways. After an armed robbery and a city-wide manhunt that results in high-speed chases, gunshot wounds, more dead transgenics, and a hostage situation or two, Alec tracks Ben down to thank him properly.

A/N: Written for the [ profile] darkangel_bb 2014. Unending gratitude to my team of awesome helpers/collaborators and detailed notes can be found at the end of the fic.


♥ ♥ ♥ ART POST ♥ ♥ ♥

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Challenge: [ profile] darkangel_bb
Story: The Most Dangerous Game
Author: [ profile] ukefied
My ramblings: Second year in this BB collaborating with an amazing author who wrote one of my new faaaaavorite things! When I saw the summary during claims, it was very clearly for my own prompt, which seemed kind of like cheating somehow, but it was awesome and I couldn't help it. I AM WEAK, DON'T JUDGE ME. There's hot Alec/Ben and awesome h/c and a lovable Max and monster hunting and and and. I lost count of all the squeeful things. I wish I could've drawn tons more. Muchas gracias to [ profile] ukefied for being so patient and encouraging and just all-around AMAZING. It's been a blast. <333


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Challenge: [ profile] darkangel_bb
Story: Designation: Hostile 17
Fandoms: Dark Angel/Buffy
Author: [ profile] denyce
My ramblings: So, in the claims process, I got as far as Spike/Alec and nearly keysmashed all over the place. Luckily I got the fic, which is fantastic, but [ profile] denyce was even better. I know what you're thinking: BETTER THAN ALEC/SPIKE?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? But it's all true, I swear. I couldn't have asked for a more patient person to hold my hand while I fumbled my way back to my drawing roots after a million years of not picking up a pencil. The fic didn't lack for inspiration, of course; I got a little spastic about drawing this, that, and the other thing before I could even finish the first thing. The fun was out of control. ♥

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the story.


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