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Title: The Open Way's Too Dangerous (WIP)
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairings/Characters: There are definite Max/Ames/Alec vibes in varying combinations, but nothing too explicit.
Rating: R
Warnings: Language. Crack. And I say again, this a WIP, so don't say you weren't warned.
Timeline/Spoilers: Takes place at some vague point before Freak Nation. Transgenics are a known "threat to public", but some individual faces aren't quite famous for it yet.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not for profit. Title from the song First Wave Intact by Secret Machines. Also, there's a snippet of a quote toward the end that was extracted from the Dark Angel Wiki.
Word Count: ~9k so far.
Summary: Alec, Max, and Ames White mysteriously lose their memories and have to team up to fight off the gang of Steelheads who seem pretty intent on killing them. Many misunderstandings about the world around them and who they are to each other seem inevitable.

A/N: Ahhh, finally! Written for the [ profile] da_reversebang based on [ profile] cassiopeia7's MAGNIFICENT art prompt. Massive thanks to her for putting up with me. I fell in love with the art prompt immediately, and I kind of love this thing that it birthed, even if I haven't slept for days and any last-minute edits might come off wonky. My beta was my roommate, who's not familiar with canon, so any plot holes are entirely my own fault.

ETA 7/17/14: Oh geez. Just about a year later, what a mess. Short story: there was a huge, major plot hole that I didn't notice until the last second. I locked everything back up in a hurry to edit that, got one of those phone calls that no one ever wants to get literally in the middle of rewriting this thing, and that sent RL into tailspin where, unfortunately, fandom stuff fell to the wayside. I haven't been able to write worth a damn for a long time, but some gentle prodding from [ profile] denyce (THANK YOUUUU) got me to look at this again and I decided to just post what I have now, and post the rest as it comes/is edited. An unfinished something is better than nothing, I think? I hope. Anyway, ENDLESSLY HUGE WHOPPING apologies to my artist, [ profile] cassiopeia7, for the utter failure on my part. If nothing else, everyone should take a look at the art, because, again, it is magnificent!


PART ONE | PART TWO - coming soon
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Fucking LJ. *stabs it*

This here's my overdue offering for the final day of the 12 Days of Dark Angel challenge @ [ profile] jam_pony_fic (which I'm aware became irrelevant a little while ago :/). Grants wish E-3. Holiday icons – all major characters wearing a santa hat, elf hat, dressed in holiday ribbons, etc.

Hope you like it, wisher! And sorry again for the lateness.


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Happy holidays to those who celebrate!
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Challenge: [ profile] darkangel_bb
Story: The Most Dangerous Game
Author: [ profile] ukefied
My ramblings: Second year in this BB collaborating with an amazing author who wrote one of my new faaaaavorite things! When I saw the summary during claims, it was very clearly for my own prompt, which seemed kind of like cheating somehow, but it was awesome and I couldn't help it. I AM WEAK, DON'T JUDGE ME. There's hot Alec/Ben and awesome h/c and a lovable Max and monster hunting and and and. I lost count of all the squeeful things. I wish I could've drawn tons more. Muchas gracias to [ profile] ukefied for being so patient and encouraging and just all-around AMAZING. It's been a blast. <333


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Just coming out of my cave to post this meager offering and run away again. I know I haven't posted anything anyone cares about in forever, but hopefully I'll find my worth-a-damn again someday soon. I CAN HOPE. I may bitch about how hard RL sucks later, after a week or two of sleep. Fair warning. Until then...

These are kinda random, and I'm not all that great at icon-making—they're so damn tiny, and I'm so damn BLIND—so there's nothing spectacular or fancy here. There's a reason I don't do these regularly. The attempt was fun for a minute, and then I just started cheating and making alternate versions. XD I like black-and-white, though, so there. Er, blue-ish gray? ANYWAY.

For [ profile] denyce, for being awesome. ♥!

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The usual applies: don't hotlink, credit and comments are lovely, etc.. Credit goes to [ profile] dont_be_so_base for, like, half the icon crops. (I told you I cheated.) Resources are here.


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