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Challenge: [ profile] spn_reversebang
Story: News of My Death
Author: [ profile] chiiyo86
My ramblings: A billion tons of gratitude goes to my author for her patience and loveliness. AND FOR WRITING ME DEAN AND DEAN. ♥! For that alone, she wins everything. Also, thanks to the mods for working so hard to let us play.

Art is kinda spoilery, so you might wanna read the fic first.

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Challenge: [ profile] samdean_otp minibang
Story: An Act of Endless Forgiveness
Fandoms: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] lizzywinks
My ramblings: And here we are, at the end of my art challenges. At least for a while. My luck still holds with awesome authors, who make these things totally worthwhile. As for this fic, it's got Robo!Sam and supernatural meddlers and sexy angst, and I fully intend to harass [ profile] lizzywinks for moar until forever. <3


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Challenge: [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang
Story: In the Shuffling Madness of the Locomotive Breath
Fandoms: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] the_sammykinz
My ramblings: My author for this kicks so much ass. Not only is the fic AWESOME as awesome can be--there's banter and ghostly happenings and fantastic imagery and Dean getting all wet, mmm--but she was sooo easy and fun to work with. I can't even express how much she rocks, but it's a lot. ♥ ♥ ♥ Do yourselves a favor and drop everything so you can go read this. IMMEDIATELY.

In other news, fire refuses to be blue. :'( Consider yourselves warned.


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Challenge: [ profile] samdean_otp minibang
Story: In the Shadow of Your Heart
Fandoms: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] whithertits
My ramblings: I looooove this story to death, omg. It's an amazing, angsty raised apart AU featuring some awesome side characters and other spoilery things I can't say but I promise they are the best things ever. The writing and pacing are excellent, and it's just something you don't want to miss. I can't emphasize enough how much everyone needs to read it. So go do that. Right now.

As for the art. Um. Have I mentioned how much I adore [ profile] whithertits for being the most patient person ever? RL has been a little rough on me lately, so I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to for this. And I really did want to draw ALL THE THINGS, holy crap. So I'm just gonna say the art post isn't done, because I started on some other stuff that I really want to include when it's complete, and yeah. Also, uh, I'm still in the early learning stages of taking sketches and messing with them digitally, so please forgive my... everything? XD


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Story Title: Fight From The Inside
Fandoms: Supernatural/Buffy/Angel/Dark Angel
Pairings: Sam/Jess, Connor/Dawn possibly others (romance not really the focus here, though)
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence. Slightly disturbing treatment of tiny little X-5s. Minor character deaths very likely. Language.
Timeline/Spoilers: Ats: post Not Fade Away; BtVS: post Chosen; SPN: pre-series; DA: pre-series. It's around May of 2005 if that helps.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not for profit. Story title from Queen's Fight From The Inside. Chapter titles from Pink Floyd's The Final Cut. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Demons, hunters, superpeople, genetically-engineered soldiers, and a college campus. Throw in some firearms and this is how it goes down.

A/N: 1st chapter is here. Thanks to trouble for the quick beta! I'm sorry I'm slooooow. I can't seem to speed things along for the life of me, but gradual progress is better than no progress, right? :D

Dawn can't stop looking at her, at those eyes. )
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Challenge: [ profile] samdean_otp minibang
Story: Walls That Hold Me Here
Fandoms: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] gedry
My ramblings: The claims summary for this one sounded fun, and the fic didn't disappoint. There's schmoop and angst and Sam/Dean sexytimes. What else could you possibly want? Go read it! Also, endless thanks and cookies are owed to [ profile] gedry for being so sweet and laid back, which was a good balance for my spastic self. ♥


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Story Title: And No One Sings Me Lullabies
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language. Underage drinking and drug use (sort of). De-aged!Dean and Soulless!Sam (that seems to merit some warning all on its own, yes?). It might also be kind of disgusting, as in AWWW, not EW; or maybe a little of both, depending on your perspective.
Timeline/Spoilers: Takes place at some vague point in early S6.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not for profit. Title from the song Echoes by Pink Floyd.
Word Count: ~4,382
Summary: Sam has his eyes narrowed on the pool tables like he's thinking of dissecting them, and Dean's head doesn't even clear the bar-top. He wants a goddamn beer.

A/N: WIPs and overdue challenge-fics are giving me the hairy eyeball, I know. I'm working through my writing funk with baby steps. Actually didn't rewrite this one fifty times before posting, so there's that.

Written for this prompt at the 5th Dean-focused h/c comment-fic meme at [ profile] hoodie_time. Unbetaed. It's maybe less traumatizing than it should be, but I'm bad at angst.

He's in another rundown bar somewhere between the Children Of The Cornfields of Nebraska and there's-no-place-like-home-thank-fuck-for-that Kansas. )
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Title: Open The Door To An Empty Room
Fandoms: Supernatural

Genre: gen
Characters: Mary, John, Dean
Rating: G
Warnings: May cause diabetes and/or spontaneous tooth decay.

Timeline/Spoilers: Pre-series. No spoilers.
Word Count: 2,105
Sammy was awesome, right from the start. Dean reflects.
Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke, and other people who aren't me.

A/N: I was feeling nostalgic.

He had a baby brother camping out inside Mom, just wiggling around in there and growing all his important parts in order to face the world. )


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