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Fic: Music to Fuck To
Author: [ profile] thep0rnfairy
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: J2
Summary: Nothing in life is permanent, especially love. Jensen Ackles knows this all too well, and makes it a point to never get too attached. When he finds himself back in Chicago after a long deployment, things heat up between him and and an old flame- and nothing scares him as much as his feelings for Jared Padalecki.

Twice before he’d fucked up, walked away from the only man he’d ever wanted without an explanation. So when fate gives him an unexpected third chance, Jensen vows to do it right this time around.

When the lines between what they were and what Jensen hoped they could be become dangerously blurred, everything falls apart and Jensen is left exactly where he always feared he’d end up: Broken, left behind to pick up the pieces and figure out a future without Jared.

Spanning 10 years, two continents, three cities and several musical genres, Music To Fuck To is a cento of song lyrics, memories and hope.

My ramblings: *runs around in circles* YAAAAAY, IT'S HERE! The fic is here! It's spectacularrr! There was so much in it that I reeeally wanted to art, but unfortunately life threw probably every obstacle ever at me this BB season (THE NERVE) and I didn't get nearly enough done. My author was so understanding and fabulous about all of it, though, that I have trouble believing she's a real person that exists and not some magnificent thing I imagined. Thank you, J, for being so patient and enthusiastic and all-around fun. I hope we have a chance to work together again, and that next time I won't be the worst flake in the world. <333! Also, so many thanks to [ profile] wendy for running this crazy wonderful challenge, giving us the extensions we needed, and not firing me like I probably deserved. XP

Grunge elements, buildings, guitar, and all images used in headers 2 & 5-9 are free pre-made vectors, courtesy of vecteezy and freepik.
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