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FINALLY. I'm back in the land where the internet lives! \o/

We did a little road trip to Texas this year instead of flying, and it was a lot of fun. Got to see the family, my roommate came this time (it only took him 10 years, haha), my son got to show off how much taller he is than everyone (he's 6'1" at the ripe old age of 13, SOMEBODY STOP THIS KID), and it was all very exciting. Just a quick stop for the night in southern Illinois b/c the rain is being super inconvenient, and then a short trip to get home tomorrow. Then I'll get to see my wonderful bed again! And my kitties! \o/\o/\o/ I love seeing my family when I can get down there, but there's nothing that'll make a person appreciate home more than leaving it for a week, even if it's for fun stuff.

Anyway, I got a little overwhelmed before I started this trip and thought I could catch up on fandom-y things on the road, but we made better time than I thought with barely any stops, and my mom lives in the middle of nowhere, where my technological bridges to civilization were all but useless most of the time. Soooo, I'm pretty far behind in replying to e-mails, PMs, and comments, but I will do my best to start catching up on all that when I land on home turf sometime tomorrow. Right now, I'm pretty wiped, but I promise I'm not ignoring anyone. You guys are awesome.

I hope y'all are having the most fabulous of holidays! <3
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