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Fic: Multitudinous Echoes
Author: [ profile] walking_tornado
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Pairing: eventual implied Jared/Jensen (mentions of Jared/Adrianne, Jared/other, Jensen/other, Kim Rhodes/Jim Beaver)
Summary: Space AU. Cargo ship captain Jensen Ackles' two week crap job transporting colonists off-planet should have opened the doors for lucrative government contracts. Farmer Jared Padalecki should have married and started a family. Jared and Jensen's destinies intersect when Jensen rips apart Jared's life, separating him from his fiancée and removing Jared's people from their land. To win Jared over, Jensen recklessly promises to find Jared's lost fiancée. Jensen, Kim, and Felicia struggle to keep the colonists alive, and Jensen tries to ignore his growing interest in Jared as they search for Adrianne.

My ramblings: Ahhh, I think I took my BB neurosis to new heights this year. RL ate up my time, and I didn't get to do all the art I had planned for WT's amazing story (like, you know, actual scenes) which is TRAGIC. Because not only is the story awesome, WT herself is so awesome that I want to give her presents all year round. SHE WROTE J2 SHOWERING IN ZERO G FOR ME AND I FAAAILED SO HARD. THERE IS NO PUNISHMENT PUNISHING ENOUGH.

Long story a little less long: She put so much work into this thing and I'm over here being all unworthy and terrible. Don't let my terrible-ness fool you, tho, the fic is FANTASTIC and deserving of SO MUCH MORE. Read it, read it, read it, go now!

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